Chadar Trek

Trekking is one of the most exciting activities. It is done by people of all ages and here in Chadar, it starts with the mountain town at Leh. The best time or the most favourable time for trekking is January to February. This is because the cold and the body temperature balances and the snow at that timing is worth watching. The trekking at Chadar is really exciting as you get the chance to walk upon the thick ice sheet. Hence is this name “Chadar”. The river that makes up this thick sheet is the river Zanskar.

Requirements for the trekking

It is better if you have some experience of trekking so as you can know that is your body ready for this strenuous exercise. The trekking at Chadar is considered one of the most difficult but most exciting treks. Also, the person should have fine rather good fitness. The person should go for 5km long distance within a given time limit. Also that the person must not have any medications related to heart otherwise it becomes really risky. The climber has to carry a bag pack of considerable weight. If a climber can do all this, then he/she can get readied up for the most adventurous trek.

Tips to keep in mind

Firstly, carry a generous amount of warm clothes so that he/she doesn’t feel cold. Woollen caps and gloves are also really necessary at the time of trekking. The perfect footwears are also necessary as the comfortable will be the footwears more relaxed will be your foot. Prepare your mind well before the trek and do not let yourself get fatigued easily. It’s also better to expect sweet pain. The trek to Chadar is adventurous, slippery and will never let you have your foot recklessly. But still, you can fall and slip so be tentative. The altitude of the trek is almost around 11000 feet high. So please take the necessary precautions.


You can make up the plan for trekking for one day to a maximum of 10 days as it brings you close to nature. Also if you are trained and master yourself at it but it is still necessary to take up an instructor with you to provide you with gears and assistance too. It can take you from 5000 to 15000 per person with gears and a meal.

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