Experience Kayaking at Phang Nga

For all those who do not know what kayaking is, then Kayaking is a water sport that deals with a kayak that is somewhat like a canoe for moving across water. It is really fun and incredible activity. You will be able to witness the hidden and unique side of the world. With certain expert instructors, you wouldn’t need any prior experience of the same. The Phang Nga kayaking is self-paddled and an excursion exercise. The experts and instructors can help you in these regards while you can make yourself busy in clicking the best of nature. The kayaks are designed by tough, really hard canoes which are meant only for low tides. There are various centres which can help you enjoy this fun water sport. And by these local bits of help, you can see a diverse variety of flora and fauna.

About the kayaking requirements

The best for kayaking around the year is December to March as everybody likes pleasant weather and open slightly cold and such sunshine is what one must opt for. Remember that only small groups are taken at a time with every boat. There are your instructors that guide your kayaks with their boats. They give you the safety gears and helmets as well as instruction some do’s and don’ts at kayaking. Sometimes fun can lead to accidents so be careful. Kayaking can be done by a person of any age. But if there is a kid, assure that there is an adult with him. And all the gears are fitted and must also be checked before going into the waters.

What other places for kayaking?

As it is a fun and cool activity hence can be done at any calm but slightly wavy water body. This is fun and other than Phang Nga places like James Bond island, Mangroves channel and Andaman sea are some of the most famous places for kayaking at Phuket. Other than this, Phuk Lagoons and Yao Noi Island are also famous for the same. 


Kayaking being fun is also very affordable as it makes up for 10000 baht for 2 days and a night package covering a length of several km and carrying 4 people on the highest. What is this wait to go and enjoy this thrill!

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