White water rafting on Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga is another beautiful river which has a thrilling facility of water sport of white water river rafting. It is called white water rafting as it is done on white waters which is thrilling and on rough water conditions. This is just to thrill the rafting passengers on their rafts. The best timing for rafting at Phang Nga, Thailand is usually the time of summers that is June to October as it gives you the best experience. The rafting at the site starts at the day time at 11 in the morning. It is a really popular water sport and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Details about the rafting

The white water rafting at Phang Nga is a thrilling activity which is a full 5km route of rafting. It is of a considerable timing of 30 minutes. This 5kms ride is for beginners and children. There is another segment of 9kms that one can choose as it takes more rough conditions of the water. The kids are not allowed at this rafting as it is slightly more dangerous but safe as there are instructors with you at the ride. They first give you a briefing session at the bay about how to paddle and about the safety gears like helmets and jackets.

Expenses on white river rafting

The price of the rafting is fairly affordable and worth spending. They charge for 5km rafting for 1800 baht. The price for the kids in a 5km raft is 1300 baht. The next and slightly more adventurous rafting of the 9km run charges you 2500 baht as it is only meant for adults and a bit pro-people.

Other activities to enjoy at Phang Nga

One can enjoy lunch in the best place as several restaurants are providing great delicacies there. You can also enjoy elephant trekking at that spot. There are beautiful species and hence you can go for looking at wide varieties of flora and fauna with your instructors. There is a very famous Tone-Periapt waterfall which is famous and you can have a great time there too.

Other places you can enjoy white water rafting

Chaing Mai, Krabi, Kanchanaburi, Nan, and Pai are several other river bays where you can enjoy White river water rafting.

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