Dive and explore Similian Islands fascinating underwater

Talking of diving and scuba is missed out. It’s really unfair. Scuba diving is an ultimately exciting and thrilling underwater sport. There is an underwater breathing system with the diver and that is called scuba. There are some risks in scuba diving but it’s not might to frighten anybody it has some risks like illness and breathing problems. And talking of the Similan Islands they are famous for scuba diving for several years. They offer you a unique and amazing underwater experience as it offers such amazing experiences with your underwater life. Either you are a starter or a professional you can go for the underwater diving as there are enormous centres at Similian Islands ready to train you for the same. It can also be boosted about the place that it’s from here that the tech diving started.

About the waters

They are the best spots for Underwater Scuba diving in Thailand. It has attracted a lot of tourists every year to the same spot for scuba diving. There are amazing scenes of soft, hard and gigantic corals. There is a vast diversity of creatures seen in the water. As the water is as clear as the mirror hence you can encounter any aquatic animal. You can diversify from small little fishes or critters to large and gigantic sharks are under these waters.

Requirements and instructions

It is really important to know if you are hydrophobic or not. Next, you need to be a decent swimmer. Practise with the instructor about the descent sign language for commuting underwater. Never hold your breath in water as it may risk you. Check your gears before moving into the water as then it may be troublesome. It is better to plan the dive off-handed to be ready in mind to do this. The fear in water can drown you so be ready and don’t worry it will be great.

Where can you visit for scuba diving in Similan Islands

Elephant rock, fantasy reef, Richelieu rock, Andaman reef and Anita’s reef diving site are some of the most common places one can go and enjoy their diving.


It depends upon the place you choose for scuba diving 700 THB for 2 dives in one day.

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