Fishing day trip at Andaman sea

Fishing is an amazing sports activity that can be seen and dealt with adventure as well as the surprise that now what will be in the hook. One needs to be very patient while doing this activity. So, the fact that Andaman seas have around 300 different varieties and species of fish edible and non-edible. There are fish from a weight of a few grams to the utmost of 50 kgs. They can even vary in terms of length starting from a few centimetres to 3.5 meters.  Also, fishing is not a very tedious activity in Andaman seas as there is an abundance of living sea creatures there. The islands of Andaman are featured as the best places for fishing activities. And the best time for fishing is October to May. These are the most favourable conditions for fishing experts to fish.

How does it work ?

For fishing to the waters of the Andaman seas, it is to select the boat that gets you ready for the fishing trip. Next is you will be given the clear instructions of using the fishing rods with utmost perfection. If you are new to the game, they will be taught by trained professionals perfectly. They will provide the fishing roads, life jackets and safety gears. And additional baggage of the bait is given to the fisherman to attract the fishes. Next, the prescribed instructor will take you to the fishing spot for having a great and abundance of fishes there. You will be moved to those parts which most peoples have not touched.

Expenses on the fishing trip

Fishing is a slightly costly water activity. As it takes a lot of time and is also having more equipment for the process. Also, it is necessary to note that there can be a package of individuals and a group of four people. The expenses of 2 adults on the fishing day trip for two hours starts from Rs. 12000 to 20000. This variation is due to fishing in different areas and also the time you choose for fishing and the number of hours. The price of 4 is from 17000 to 45000.

Different places to go fishing

Port Blaire, Havelock Island, Cinque Island and Rutland Island are some popular places at Andaman to enjoy fishing.

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