Visit the stunning Koh Panyee floating village 

Koh Panyee also known as Ko Panyi is a small island in the Phang Nga region of Thailand resting on a limestone cliff. Koh Panyee in Thai means “Island of Flag”. It has a history of about 200 years when it was first inhabited by 2 seagoing Muslim families. From then their descendants have been living there and now it is home to 360 families accounting to a population of about 1600 people. This place is an art of engineering as no one knows it is supported by how many wooden and concrete piles. To enjoy the views of this village, you have to start early and fetch a boat from Surakul jetty. You will reach there in twenty minutes but the ride will cost around 1700 baht but it will be worthy as the place won’t be crowded. One can click pictures & relish the captivating scenes of the mangrove and limestone rocks.

The shallow sea is surrounded by several huts, restaurants. The village consists of a Mosque, school, clinic, souvenir shops, police station and few restaurants. The island is famous for its seafood restaurants and stalls selling souvenirs. It’s astounding to hear of a floating football pitch which was built by village kids just using woods and fishing rafts. Also, there is a villa that provides overnight accommodation.

The Tribe

The village is a tourist attraction, and we can find a lot of people to guide us and tell about the stories of the place. Despite being an isolated island, it has proper electricity, net connectivity and water facilities that are not transported from the mainland. Also, the locals are conscious of their environment. The students are taught about recycling to keep surroundings clean and how to grow vegetables.

Ending note

The Koh Panyee village is a lively place where people are engrossed within themselves. The basic income of the village comes from fishing despite being a tourist attraction. They take care of their native place and make sure that the tourists don’t litter around. This little island with its little stories is a wonderful place to visit.

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