Soar through the Jungles at Flying Hanuman Zipline 

Phuket is an amazing city to spend a nice relaxing holiday with your loved ones. It stands on the Phuket island and hence, has several water sports, cruise rides, yacht events, and other tourist attractions through its widely available water bodies. The water adventures and their traditional cultural events are very eye-catching to the tourists and also, they prove to be the most visited tourist points. However, sometimes Phuket’s other appealing features tend to get overlooked because of its main inducements. One of these places is the Hanuman Zipline. Let’s get to know more about it in this blog!

About the place

Hanuman Zipline is located in Kathu, Thailand. It is based in between the dense forests of Thailand and has its vibe. It consists of multiple courses & sky bridges through the jungle terrain. It is an example which proves that an island’s beauty is far beyond the sea, sun, and sand for which it is famous for. The hills of Phuket are covered with deep forests and the surrounding is worth exploring and other outdoor activities like camping and stuff. Flying Hanuman provides travellers with exceptional thrill and fun and adds a great set of memories to their trip. They have a wonderful service criterion and use natural beauty to give you the best of the experience of the place. The site occupies an area of 80,000 square meter plot. There are natural rubber trees which are harvested and managed by locals who are also allowed to live there. The whole area and the zipline’s special attraction are the forest surroundings which also provides it with a wonderful vibe.


The flying hanuman zipline has gained its popularity in the last few years. Every year the number of people visiting the place and taking up the service has grown exponentially. It is a beautiful view of the Phuket hills through the zipline and the overall experience is breathtaking. So, if you are in Phuket for a vacation, don’t forget to add a slot for Flying Hanuman Zipline in your schedule. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

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