Learn How to Cook Thai Dishes at the Blue Elephant Cooking School, Phuket

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cook, it doesn’t matter when you enter the kitchen to make Thai food for the first time. What matters is from where you are learning to make Thai food. Cooking is always about the basics and the starting point so whether you are learning to cook a particular cuisine from an authentic source or not is actually of great significance.

When I was in Thailand last year with my family, I had Blue Elephant Cooking School in my sights from the very starting. While my family members were sightseeing and walking on the beach, I was enrolling in a beginner’s Thai cooking classes and let me tell I do not regret my decision. I had a first-class experience while learning how to cook Thai at The Blue Elephant Cooking School.

What is The Blue Elephant Cooking School?

The Blue Elephant Cooking School is located in Thailand’s sensational island of Phuket. The Blue Elephant Cooking School offers first hand contact and the opportunity to learn from top Thai chefs. There are two sessions offered every day at a different time. The first session starts early in the morning and often involves going to the market and buying your ingredients. There is also an option to choose between private classes which offer a more intimate environment as opposed to normal classes. At the end of the day, everybody has the opportunity to sit back and taste their Thai dishes. The students have the option to either take their dishes back or can leave it at the restaurant as a savoury masterpiece.

If you are not able to come to Phuket but want to learn how to cook Thai food then you can have access to The Blue Elephant Cooking School’s branches in different areas like Bangkok, Brussels, Copenhagen and Paris. Enjoy learning how to cook Thai food by this brilliant school The Blue Elephant Cooking School. 

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