Why not go for Desi Camping at Pawna Lakeside Camping, Pawna Lake, Lonavala, Mumbai?

Remembering your Boy Scouts and Girl Guides days when you used to go with your fellow mates and camp in the wildlife? The game of assembling dry wood to light a fire, the preparation of food and the morning drill. All is not lost. You can still go camping with your fellow mates but not in a uniform. We have found the perfect spot for you to camp at the side of a beautiful lake.

Where is Pawna Lake?

You must have heard of a place called Lonavala. It is often a road trip destination but what most people don’t know is that Lonavala has a beautiful lake called the Pawna Lake. Pawna Lake is about 65 kms away from Pune while the distance measures up to 120 kms when it comes to Mumbai. It is now available for the public and provides the facility of camping near Pawna Lake.

Imagine sleeping beside a lake with its water as reflective as a mirror. It is truly a dream come true. This hidden gem has tranquil waters and friendly terrain. If you want to extend your one night camping trip to more, then you can opt for trekking, boating and taking a long walk alongside the lake. At one point, tourists are even able to spot the Konkan Region from Pawna Lake.

Points to remember while going camping

· It can be hard for some beginners but Pawna Lake provides a good environment.

· As there are so many tourism companies providing their services, it is best to research and opt for the best suited company.

· Do not depend much on your service provider. Always keep some eatables and water at hand.

· Pack suitable clothes which are appropriate for camping. Sturdy shoes are a must.

· Always check the weather. The lakeside is safe but monsoons can be unpredictable so it won’t hurt to keep an eye on the sky.

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