A Titanic like Experience: Jalesh Karnika

Titanic is a movie which de facto makes way into everyone’s watch list and most have already witnessed the classic. The dream of sailing in a ship like Titanic resides in every mind but circumstances suppress it. This is because of the unawareness of the beauty called Karnika which India has but knows not about. Jalesh Karnika is a cruise which can turn out to be the best decision of your life. The sheer beauty of sailing in the High Seas with clear skies is an experience everyone deserves and Karnika gives you just that!

Jalesh Karnika!

Karnika is a voyage transport right now possessed by Zen Cruises and worked by Jalesh Cruises, and is home ported out of Mumbai, India. She worked for Sitmar Cruises by Fincantieri in Monfalcone, Italy, and propelled in 1989. Karnika came to India in 2018 and has ruled the water ever since.  Karnika is as of now India’s foremost cruise ship and has everything and even more than a 7-star hotel.

Specialities of Karnika

Karnika is a cruise ship and has a huge accommodation facility. Karnika has specialised facilities to keep everyone in their comfort zones. Wheelchairs accessible rooms, wide doorways, Karnika has all. Apart from this, this ship also has variation recreational activities ranging from spa, salon, Fitness, bars and what not. The ship even has Casinos! For kids and teenagers, there are three programs called Quest, Quest+ and Adventure and Scouts. The food at Karnika outmatches the best hotels out there and has a variety which ranges from Asian to Malay, Thai, Mongolian, Japanese and Taiwanese. Additional to all of this Karnika allows one to have Customised Celebration, birthday for example.

Where does Karnika Sail

Jalesh Karnika sails to four destinations in India, one international and a special sail to the High seas. Lakshadweep, Goa, Diu and Mumbai are the sailing destinations in India. Sri Lanka owes the reputation of being the only international destination for Karnika. High Seas does not have a destination, it’s all water and no land!

How much does this luxury cost?

A tour package in Karnika can cost you anywhere between 17,500 to 37,000 bucks depending upon the destination and the type of package.

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