Enjoy the Lower Antelope Canyon Hiking

You must have heard about hiking on a mountain or a hill, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to hike a canyon? Yes, I am talking about the famous canyons of Arizona.

What are the Antelope Canyons of Arizona?

Arizona is the US state which is situated in the southwestern parts of the country and is surrounded by other states like Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. The famous Antelope Canyons are swirling structures of orangish brown colour located in the Arizonian city of Page. They are initially located in the Navajo land or the American Indian territory. These swirling rocky structures are entirely nature’s creation by erosion, sedimentation and flash floods.

There are two parts of this canyon called the Upper Antelope and the Lower Antelope. The upper Antelope is known as Tsé bighánílíní in the Navajo native language. It is the most popular site for tourists to visit as it involves no climbing and provides aesthetic light beams. These canyons are also called The Crack.

The Lower Antelope is comparatively more dangerous with a rockier and uneven terrain but as beautiful as its counterpart. Thrill seekers who are looking for a challenge often go for hiking in the Lower Antelope Region. These canyons are also called The Corkscrew.

Hiking the Corkscrew

Hiking the Lower Antelope Canyon is not a child’s play. It is located about three miles from The Upper Antelope Canyon. There are many tourism companies available that provide hiking services and guides.

Points to remember while hiking the Corkscrew

· The Corkscrew is a tough terrain to climb. There are metal ladders installed to assist hikers but one must be careful.

· Carry at least two litres of drinking water with you as the weather is hot and dry and hiking is a strenuous activity.

· Wear suitable clothes and carry your gear.

· Keep a strict eye on weather reports. Flash mobs are very common and as the name suggests they are very sudden. There is no shame in being cautious for your safety.

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