Obvious Plan for Trekkers to Trek to Jogi Bhadak Waterfall

Want to trek to a waterfall in the very heart of India? Are you travelling on the Indore Mumbai Highway and want to see a beautiful waterfall? Well, then you can take a quick detour from the Indore Mumbai Highway about 40 km away and reach the beautiful Jogi Bhadak Waterfall.

The Jogi Bhadak Waterfall

The Jogi Bhadak Waterfall is located at Dhal Gram in the state of India’s heart Madhya Pradesh which is about 40 km away from the Indore Mumbai Highway. This gem is the perfect place to have a family getaway, a picnic or a trekking trip with your friends. At 400 ft of height, the white water seems to sparkle in the sunlight and provides a picture perfect spot. It is not just plain trekking but a wide frame of activities can be done at this adventurous place. From bird watching to exploring the natural trails and jungle terrain trekking, youngsters and adventure enthusiasts are welcomed to explore all these options at the Jogi Bhadak Waterfall.

Trekking to the Jogi Bhadak Waterfall

If you just want to focus on the trekking part of this spot, it will prove out to be a wholesome experience with nature by your side. There are countless tourism companies that offer their services for trekking at Jogi Bhadak Waterfall at minimal and cheap rates.

The best time to pay a visit to this natural waterfall spot is when the rainy season is at its prime. The rain not only adds to the beauty of the place but also adds level of adventure. This said there are some important points that one must take into consideration. These points are:

· Always carry at least two litres of drinking water with you at all times.

· Always wear sturdy shoes that are suitable for wet and rocky terrain.

· Carry some eatables like energy bars and chocolates at all times.

· Always be armed with a high SPF sunscreen and lotion to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight. 

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