Morocco’s Blue City, Chefchaouen

Blue Pearl of Morocco, Chefchaouen is a city founded by Jews in the Rif Mountains. A pretty blue city with amazing landscapes and graceful aqua walls witness a beautiful view of sunset from the roof. It is an absolute attraction for the tourists. The refreshing blue color of the town Chefchaouen has many defined reasons for its color. One, after the city was founded, it was known to be inhabited by the Muslims and the Jewish returnees who ran when forced conversion to Christianity in Spain. These people then stayed in Chefchaouen and whitewashed the houses along with courtyards with citrus trees, giving it a European blend. Second, the Jewish choose Blue because it is the color of sky and is an epitome of the presence of God. Third, it was an effort to prevent malaria as blue color works as anti repellent for mosquitoes.

To-Do Things in the City

Take a day off from your regular routine and just sit in the quiet streets of the city to enjoy the subtle shades of blue. You will have a heavenly feeling or an ocean thrilling experience. With a coffee in your hand just gaze at the mosaic patterns of blue that will beat your mood. Wander in the markets and buy yourself goods. Pick your favorite spot to have a luscious treat. Walk down to the corner to witness the mesmerizing blue waterfall with a sounding rhythm of droplets. Pause for a mint tea break and go hiking in the mountains.

Visit Kasbah Museum if you doubt of not having seen enough places in the city. Evenings are more peaceful, rejoicing in nature. Finding a dining spot, terrace is a better option. Spend soothing time and click pictures in the magical blue city. The aura of the town will automatically make you feel relaxed.

Visiting the City

Chefchaouen is far away from big cities and it is preferred to opt for private vehicles to reach the place. Tangier is the nearest airport from where the bus takes 3 hours to the city. Fes is approx 4 + hours away from the destination. But, travelling will be worth spending time on. Travel and enjoy the ecstatic beauty of the little city.  

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