St. Ignace mystery Spot, Michigan

If you want to experience some strange activities and explore erratic adventures, go and visit this mystery spot. Located approx 8 kilometres away from the Mackinac Bridge is a locale where people can witness some awestruck phenomena. While prospecting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, sailing through the Marin Lake Road, stop at this place and see how gravity does unusual things. Your brain will be hypnotized for a while observing stunning stunts as suddenly a tall person will look shorter than the small one or other odd physical sensations will make you wonder about it. One can climb a wall and tilt uncertainty in the air without falling. This place is a perfect blend of physics and nature to ponder about. It is a fun diversion involving mysteries to solve. Finding a solution just requires some tricks and magnets and you are done. All these activities make this spot a major tourist attraction.

Other activities

The visitors are more thrilled by the sporty activities including the maze, mini-golf, game arcade, zip lining. It is quite a kid-friendly place with affordable prices. The staff members are pretty trained and helpful too. A gift shop is also available offering items at a reasonable cost. It is a roadside attraction where you can go on a zip line excursion to witness the scenic view of Lake Superior. You can also discover the Mackinac Island nearby and Skull cave. Watch the splendid waters and tranquil cave and spend a memorable time.  

The visit

The spot remains open between May-October. It costs $7 /child and $9/adult by the guided tour for exploring the spot. Combo prices are also available for golfing, mazes and walking in the woods. Go and experience the rich cultural mosaic and experiment to find the solutions. Feel the optical contradictions and unusual sensations that will make you keen and geek in finding out the answer. Take a day off and relax in the natural beauty of St. Ignace too.

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