Varkala: Gem of Kerala

The hidden treasure of Kerala, Varkala is a seashore town popularly known for ‘Northern Cliff’ adjoining the Arabian Sea. It comprises the immaculate beaches, hills, lakes, forts, springs that makes this town a small heaven. Let’s explore some popular spots of Varkala.

Varkala Beach

The breathtaking Papanasam Beach i.e. the Varkala Beach is popular for a pure spring which is 10000 meters away from Varkala. It is named Papanasam because bathing in the pious waters is assumed to eradicate all the misdeeds committed. This beach has some stupendous backdrops with striking sunset views. Sightseeing and sunbathing will provide extreme peace.     

Ponnumthuruthu Island

Also known as Golden Island is the gorgeous islet hub in Kerala. Cluster of migratory birds and the serene waters of Akathumuri lake gives it a magnificent charm. This island is 20 km away from Varkala and can only be reached by a special pier from Nedunganda Village. Years old picturesque Shiva Parvathi Temple is also found on the locale. Spend time exploring the peaceful island with enchanting views.

Thiruvambadi Beach

A black sand beach amidst the coconut groves is an amazing place to vibe peacefully. The beach lies adjacent to the North Cliff. The vibrant tides, the soothing views, blue striking waters & mystic skies will make you fall in love with the beach. Fascinating groves around enhance the lush beauty of the beach area. If isolation had a name then it would fit this tranquil beach of Varkala.

Kappil Lake

Enjoy an hour of bliss in the waters of Kappil Lake that is about 6 km from Varkala. The pleasing blue waters with tuneful sounds will bless your eyes & ears as well. Dotted with palm trees this calm estuary rolls elegantly and mingles with the Arabian Sea. The beach is a tremendous tourist place offering a blissful beach walk as well. Don’t forget to carry your cameras along with you to capture offbeat backdrops. Boat aids are available for exploring the scintillating beach.

 Varkala Cliff

This cliff is a significant geological site as made with the cluster of antique laterite rocks and is thus called a Geological monument. It offers a fabulous view of the golden beach that hugs the cliff and is thus worth capturing. It is an area of peaceful horizon where the waters and the skies meet up in seclusion.        

Water Sports

Other than Goa & Rishikesh, you can have a thrilling water sport experience in God’s own country as well. Varkala beach is apt for Surfing, Parasailing, Snorkeling and other water activities. Plunge into the sea on the surf-board and enjoy the cool sea breeze while surfing. Feel like a bird and fly in the air above the ocean and have a lifetime experience of parasailing in Varkala.

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