Visit the Skull Chapel, Czermna, Poland

Kaplica Czaszek in Czermna, Poland is an interesting place to see. The chapel is a part of the sophisticated St. Bartholomew’s Church and is a horrific cluster of cranial left outs. The polished chapel looks normal when viewed from outside but holds the walls that are made from skulls & bones too. Bones and skulls of around 3k individuals are organized in different patterns ornamented on the walls and ceilings. These are mostly adorned in a replicated intersecting bone Jolly Roger-style. Another 21k skeletons are embellished in the church under croft. To our amaze, there are 5 similarly fabricated buildings in Europe.


In the years 1776-1794, two major wars took place in Europe that led to the collection of a number of dead bodies. Epidemics in Europe raised the number of dead people and contributed to more skeletons further. The priest named Vaclav Tomasek with his friend who was a coffindigger started to gather the bones from dead bodies. After approximately eighteen years after cleaning those bones, they collected 24k bones from the huge graves located at proximity. Out of which 3k were only used in the chapel construction. The leftovers are reserved in the crypt of the chapel. The priest got this idea when he visited the cellar under Paris. They wanted to create something unique, and thus build the chapel of skulls.    

The aristocratic skulls & bones they discovered were preserved at a locale in the Church. One of them consisted of the skulls of the foremost major of Czermna, a Tartar fighter. On the other hand, the skulls and bones of the priest and his mate are also positioned at the place.   It is a modest 18th century chapel that tributes the victims of war and disease of that time.

The visit

It sometimes feels creepy when surrounded by skulls and bones and even more in the trapdoor. It is not much recommended for sensitive people. If you want to explore, visit in the springtime for a better experience. Photography not allowed.

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