The dead end of India: Dhanushkodi

Want to go for a holiday & take a break from your regular schedule? You should go and explore the ‘lost land’ of Tamil Nadu. This town connects India and Sri Lanka offering breathtaking quaint views. The Pamban railway bridge i.e. the most dangerous bridge displays architectural significance and connects Rameshwaram with the Indian subcontinent. The nearest railway station to reach Dhanushkodi is Rameshwaram that lies 21 km away from town.

This used to be a popular town before the cyclone of 1964 hit its shores that claimed the lives of many people. After then this town was stated as Ghost Town that was not suitable for living. But today this place is known as a popular tourist attraction & is not much difficult to reach.

Phantom City

This cyclone hit the town and killed a lot of people and turned the city into a desolate area. Beach visits in the town were put at a halt after 6 pm as the folks experienced some mysterious activities. It is true that as the night falls in Dhanushkodi there is a sinister feel in the surroundings.

Spectacular sea

No one can imagine that such a place would also have an amazing beach with pretty clear waters and clean surroundings around. Yes, this sea offers vivid views and lets the visitors experience tranquillity at its best.

Ram Setu

This is the same bridge that Lord Ram constructed to reach Lanka to save his wife Sita from Ravan. This joining bridge was later smashed by Lord Ram when coaxed by the later King of Lanka. This is how the town was named so. The satellite images generated by NASA reveal the indication of a bridge below the waters that still connects Sri Lanka & India.

The Pamban Islands

This is a famous sacred place better called as Rameshwaram Island. There are many temples that attract tourists to this island. The famous Hanuman Temple is one of them. This area again seems to have a good connection to the mythical backgrounds.

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

If you want to have a feel of nature a bit more, visit this national park. Especially those who are nature lovers must watch out for the precious biodiversity in the town. It is a little away from Dhanushkodi.

Blending Waters

At the terminal point of the beach, the mystic blue waters of the Indian Ocean blend with the green serene water of Bay of Bengal that is absolutely worth watching. It is natural and beautiful in itself.

Feast to the eyes

Dhanushkodi is highly recommended for short vacations and amazing experiences. It offers affordable accommodation options with flavorsome meals. Don’t miss the beach destination where the sand is very soft and clean. The trip is worth a visit.

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