Beach Trip to Gokarna

It is a Hindu religious town in Karnataka having natural beaches and spectacular panorama. It is a spot for beach lovers and hippies. Located on the coastline of Karwar, Gokarna attracts tourists from around the world every year. Tourists flock here in the search of enjoyment and comfort.

Beach trekking

Experience something new with Gokarna beach trek, a route commonly known as the “Golden Route”. Walking on sandy beaches having rocky hills on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side. The path covers a lot of beaches beginning at Kudle beach moving towards Om beach then to Moon beach & ending at Paradise beach.

Mirjan Fort

It is a beautiful fort found in the village of Mirjan in Karnataka. It is an ancient fort that traces its history back to the Vijayanagara Empire. Sought to be built by Queen Chennabhairav Devi, known as the longest ruling female in Indian history, the fort is an example of architectural elegance. The fort is. Built over an area of about 10 acres, the fort is approached through a series of wide steps that lead to the interior of the fort.

Beach camping

The seamless charm of the beaches levels up while camping. Under the open sky, cool breeze around, the melody of the gushing waves will be an unforgettable amazing experience to camp in Gokarna. The cost of camping is 1500.

Kudle beach sunset

The setting sun is a sight to behold for photographers & nature enthusiasts. At the time of dusk, the sky becomes a canvas spilled with different colours. Witnessing this view and capturing it is surely on the to-do list in Gokarna.

Yana caves

An unseen picturesque small hill station having enriched biodiversity perched in the Sahyadri Hills. It is a place for trekkers. The location will hypnotise you with its charm. Home to Bhairaveshwara & Mohini peaks have sacred significance. It is a must do activity in Gokarna.  

Beach shack stay

Rejoice the distinctive culture of Gokarna by spending time in one of the beach shack that has few facilities. It will be a lovely experience to hug nature in its purest form. But keep in mind it won’t be an easy ride to live without luxuries. So be prepared! There are many resorts along the beach that will provide you with this experience.

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