Have a wonderful experience of Trekking

Trekking is of the adventurous experience of one’s life. When you start it, you become an addict of it. The things you need to do is follow a few instructions and do accordingly. The thing firstly you should keep in mind is trekking is not an event for a lazy guy; it needs prior training, hard work, proper health, and even huge determination to climb high.

Start your training now

This is never late to start your training for trekking as it is your dream, start consuming nutritious food and balanced diet, take adequate amount of water each day and always remain hydrated, try to ignore oil and fat-related food especially the junk food, ignore extra sugar from your diet even to stay fit and increase your protein uptake with proper exercises each day. Start walking longer distances firstly for 1hour, then for 2 hours and a further increase in it 5-6 hours a day. Make a gym habit and do exercises that strengthen your leg muscles, especially leg presses and weighted squats, or lunges and bodyweight squats. Try to mimic the conditions of trekking and do it practically, i.e. carry essential weight, climb a few heights, and even wear the trekking boats to make your legs comfortable.

Things you need to carry for trekking

The important things that you can’t forget to carry during trekking are the trekking shoes, lightness, wind-resistance, waterproofing, and wicking; GoreTex, fleece, Polartec, etc. clothing along with woolen stuff, sufficient water, essential eatable foodstuffs some dry fruits or nuts, few chocolates like Snickers, or energy bars which are the instant source of energy, medicines including Digine, Crocin, Banded, Betadine or antiseptic creams, headlamp and torches with extra batteries, a camera with extra memory card and extra batteries. Never forget to take your Identity cards and their photocopies.

Health cautiousness

It is very important to undergo a proper medical checkup before going for trekking i.e. Oxygen level in the blood, Blood Pressure and diabetes test, any medical case history related to heart or breathing disorders, etc are to be revealed to the doctor for proper negotiation.


Trekking gives an amazing experience and is enough to make you crazy for it if you follow the required norms of trekking and don’t think it to be an act of kids. Hope you have a mesmerizing experience ahead.

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