Love the Wonderful Faeroe Islands

Faeroe Islands is an autonomous territory, sprawling a total area of about 1,400 square kilometres. It has 18 major groups of islands and lies a few km to the coast of Northern Europe, between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a sub-polar oceanic climate throughout the year.

How to go the Faeroe Islands ?

You can go to the Faeroe Islands in two ways, either through the Airway or the Waterway. The Atlantic Airway and Scandinavian Airlines provide direct flight to the Faeroe Islands, from Copenhagen there are daily flights to the Faroe Islands, from Aalborg on every Thursday and Sunday there are the direct flights to the Faroe Islands and from Billund, the Direct flights are on every Thursday and Sunday.

You need to contact Smyril Line by ferry from Iceland and Denmark to the Faeroe Islands.

The best time to visit Faeroe Islands.

The best time to visit Faeroe Islands is from June to August as the days are 19 hours 45 minutes gives a longer time to explore the place during the day time. It is also the perfect time for hiking, touring, bird watching, and photographing. Further, the winters are regarded as the off-season as this is the time of tremendous snowfall and the days are only 5 hours with longer nights.

Activities you can enjoy in Faeroe Islands

The incredible activities that you can do in the Faeroe Islands are you can go for diving as it has excellent kelp forests and botanic seaweed gardens, fantastic drop-offs, and grottos with exciting animal life. The water there is 4-10 degree Celsius and is crystal clear. You can go to Flash photography and take macro photos.

Surfing is an amazing act to be done there, as there are specific guides and you can take training on extra charges even. Hiking is also an amazing adventurous activity that you can enjoy in the Faeroe Islands i.e. hike from Trøllanes to Kallur Lighthouse, or the Sørvágsvatn,’ lake over the ocean will give you unforgettable experiences.

Further, horse riding, enjoying visual art, cycling, bird watching, fishing, angling, sightseeing, water sports like kayaking in the ocean, cliff jumping, rappelling, snorkeling, speed boating, and sailing could be the amazing activities that you can enjoy in the magical Faeroe Islands. Dried fish and fermented lamb, sheep head and fresh salmon, burgers, and pizza are the food that you will only find in Faeroe Islands.

Visit the Faeroe Islands to never regret anything in life.

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