Enjoying the Lovely Chios Island, Greece

Greece is a wonderful place to travel to. It has its authentic culture and a very traditional vibe. The natives are super warm and hospitable to their tourists. Since it is situated on the Balkan Peninsula, Greece has its own group of Greek islands which are very eye-pleasing & attractive to the travellers globally. One such island is Chios Island. Let’s get to know more about this wonderful island through this article.

Chios Island

It is ranked fifth in the group of Greek islands when land area is taken as the basis. It is located in the northern portion of Aegean Sea and Chios Strait diversifies it from Turkey. The main significance or one can recognize Chios Island in the world is by its production & export of the Mastic gum and hence, it is also nicknamed as “the Mastic Island”. Also, it’s rich in preserving its traditional culture and heritage through its primitive suburb and also the 11th century Monastery. Chios Island also saw an unfortunate event in the form of the Chios Massacre in which thousands of Greek people were killed by the Ottoman troops during the Greek war of independence in 1822.

The island generally remains warm and humid throughout the year majorly because of its geographic location. People experience gentle breeze during the evening time around the coastal area. The weather is quite pleasant in the early morning and late evenings. Some of its famous tourist attractions are Chios Byzantine Museum, The Chios Mastic Museum, and Chios Maritime Museum. Some major sports played on the island are NC Chios and Panchiakos GS. The island is also famous for its authentic drinks like Mastiha and Souma. Their deserts like Mamoulia and Masourika are highly rated globally for its traditional touch and finger licking taste.

One can travel to Chios directly through Greece and even Turkey. There is a regular ferry that connects the Chios Island with Cesme, a part near Izmir in Turkey. Chios Island has multiple little family resorts that are super comfortable and approachable surrounded by natural beauty all around. It gives you a superb beach experience at the Mavra Volia situated on the southern part of the island. One can easily rent a vehicle and enjoy the day drive through the island local guides and enjoy the authentic medieval culture.

So if you are planning a trip to the Greek islands, you definitely can’t miss Chios Island!

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