Atlantis submarine tour, Honolulu

Atlantis Submarines is a submarine company and it gives underwater tours in about 12 active submarines running on different islands that are Grand Cayman, Guam, Aruba, Barbados, Cozumel, St. Thomas, and at Kona, Oahu and Maui in Hawaii. The tour by these submarines is an enthusiastic way to explore the adventures of the aquatic world that gives a fascinating and lifetime experience.

Oahu is an island in Hawaii in the city of Honolulu. Oahu’s water is full of aquatic lives, from the distant number of fishes to glamorous sea plants. It has man-made coral reefs, various fishes such as amphibians, dolphins,  otters, starfishes, turtles, whales and even sharp teeth sharks. Oahu waters also have enormous beautiful aquatic algae and fungus plants like Akaakai, Aeae, Ahinahina. With such a rich aquatic life and underwater scene, this ocean becomes one of the most favourites among diving lovers. All these beautiful scenes can be watched and experienced in an air condition surrounding, only in one of the Atlantis Submarines. This Atlantis Submarine tour gives a never forgetting experience and gives memories for life.

Experience in the Passenger Submarine

This passenger submarine is the best family tour and its experience for seeing the underwater world with full proper facilities and relaxing environment inside the submarines makes the tour more enjoyable. Atlantis Submarines are the world’s largest 100′ long submarines and are operated with highly latest technology. This tour experience is full of adventure and gives lots of knowledge about many known and unknown creatures of the underwater universe.

Atlantis Submarines take us to the just 50 minutes trip of the sea universe. With excellent interiors, comfortable seating arrangements and large view seeing ports will give the best diving experience in Atlantis Submarines in Oahu’s blue crystal waters.

These spacious submarines can take about 64 passengers on each ride, and the amount on per passenger above 3 years is 35.00 while they charge no price for children below 3 years of age. This tour will make one explore a world that is under our land and gives the best diving experience. The Atlantis Submarine tour is the best option for dive lovers and it will definitely give a peaceful surround to know the underwater world and to see all such nature’s beauty so closely. 

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