Cruising through Munroe Island

The contemporary life that we live today has made us a shell of a human of what we are; the incessant grinding between work and life has turned us into some sort of humanoids that we read about in fiction. To rejuvenate our souls and to connect with nature, what is a better place than Kerala? 

What makes Kerala so special?

Kerala is the epitome of rejuvenation as it offers an extensive web of backwaters with lakes, canals, lagoons, and estuaries. The serenity of this place speaks volumes within the silence. The perfect place to unwind after time invested at work with calm waters lapping the bottom of your boat. 

Munroe Island

 Munroe Island, not to be mistaken as one is rather a group of 8 distinct islands connected by canals. The island has been named after Diwan of Travancore, Colonel Munroe, and is surrounded by Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River.

Here Coir making is the dominant means of livelihood along with fishing. Munroe Island houses migratory birds throughout the year, with this being an untouched biome by precarious human civilizations. Munroe Island may sound ordinary or like the rest of rural India but it hides from us the beauty that can only be experienced by visiting. 

Drifting through the backwaters

The highlight of visiting Munroe Island has to be cruising through the backwaters. A canoe driven by the locals, six people can fit on board. Here you experience the excitement in slow, lazy, and fresh. While your boat navigates the backwaters slowly to let you breathe in the vision that Mother Nature is here, you stumble down over your thoughts, feeling somewhat lost; melancholic even for the life you could have instead of deteriorating within the mechanical clutches of urbanization.

You lay there on the boat, looking at the gargantuan palm trees swaying to the tune of nature, to see lush paddy fields dancing to the faint breeze, and most of all you feel in sync with your roots and your very soul. 

On this cruise of many firsts, another sight to behold is the prawn rearing fields. At Munroe, you see 200 hectares of prawn raising fields along with shrimp farming and oyster cultivation. 

Into the unknown

When you complete your trip to the Munroe you feel at peace with yourself and rejuvenated to face the chaos of life again. In the backwaters you get more than you bargained for with mundane not, you leave Munroe with a note to come back soon. 

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