Yosemite’s Half Dome hike

Half dome nestled in the heart of Yosemite national park is a sight to behold at all points of the day. The Half dome hike is one of the most sought after trails of the world, and as unfathomable the granite formation looks equally strenuous is the hike. The hike covers more than 17 miles and while you’re at it, you hike through an elevation of approximately 4700 feet from the starting point to the start of the cables over the dome. 

When I did visit the Yosemite Valley, I realized a certain feeling of tranquil wash over me. I could have stayed for days without contact from the rest of the world enjoying the beauty of life and everything that nature has to offer. As serene and as entrancing it sounds to spend time there, hiking the half dome is a whole other matter.

Hiking in the Half Dome

Half Dome hike requires a permit due to its extremity. You can get a permit through the lottery system. The hike takes about 12-14 hours with the starting point being on Mist trail. As you move along the trail you come across the Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls. After the Nevada fall, the trails are a levelled path for some time and enjoy this part while it lasts as soon the trickier parts arrive. The next part is the Sub dome, this part is where you walk uphill through stone cut stairs and it is not easy. The steps are humongous and you’ll need to take tiny breaks in between, it is painstakingly slow yet the view from the top provides fuel for the fire inside your wanderlust soul.

From the top of the sub dome, you get the first peek of the half dome cables. Now when you tilt your head up you understand the sheer difficulty of the trail right in front of you, it is full of slick surfaces along with a steep incline. Once you get to the top you feel the bliss of nature and how small us humans really are, all your worries seem to vanish and all you can think and breathe for is the rawness in front of you. It is a sight for sore eyes, but before you make up your mind for this hike you must also remember a few precautions and prepare for it.

Hikers must carry around 6 litres of water as most of the time park rangers have to rescue hikers due to dehydration amongst most rescues. Please attempt the hike with all preparedness. The view from the top is one of absolute bliss and of the kind that makes tears tumble down your face.

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