Biking through the Kolli Hills

Kolli hills, a small mountain range found in the western parts of Tamil Nadu, might just be the pilgrimage for motorcyclists in India. Kolli hills have made it to the Limca book of records for having the most hairpin bends, the number standing at a majestic 70.  

Adventure awaits

It takes two days to experience the magic of this magnificent range. The best way to bike through Kolli hills is to start the trail from Bengaluru, get on the NH 7 and bike till you get to Rasipuram, at this point you will need to interact with the locals for help with the navigation, let’s face it we have all had our fair share of theatrics with google maps. 

You have to bike through a small patch of the road just before the ghat road arrives, from here on the adventure is only mounting. The ghat road tests your thirst or adrenaline but then again no journey to untouched beauty was ever easy. 

Through the lushness of nature

From here on the road winding up is nothing short of a road trip with indie vibes. The lush green covers purify the air to the point you’ll notice the change in your breathing, you will breathe better away from the city. These dense and pure forests surrounding the monstrous bends just add to the beauty of these hills.

The roads are strewn with pine cones bringing out the VSCO girl in you. While you’re winding through the laps of nature you will also come across the Agaya Gangai falls, you can stop for a while, trek to the fall, some 1200 steps; exhausting yet nothing when compared to the little sprays of freshwater on your face. A mist covers the surroundings creating a magical place. While you move through these hills like making your way across a meadow, life comes to a standstill; time doesn’t seem to matter all you want to do is stop by the woods and feel the serenity of the place. 

The end of the journey

There are not many options for food along the way; especially not for vegetarians, it is better to carry some with you. The best time to visit Kolli Hills is the monsoons when the forests are at peak of their greenery. Remember to make reservations for your accommodation as it is difficult to scavenge for one after you reach this haven. The feeling that you get at the last milestone for the hairpin bends is one like no other, you feel accomplished yet you feel that you have miles to go before you sleep, which is true for the wandering soul inside. This trip through this haven is not only special because of the hairpin bends but also because of the generosity and extraordinary acts of kindness displayed by the locals.

We’re sure that this trip to Kolli hills will not disappoint the adrenaline junkie in you; if you make it through unscathed then the Himalayas are just a stone throw’s away.

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