God’s own creation- Konaseema

Konaseema is an oasis of charm, overflowing with the beauty of god’s creation. This group of islands forms a delta in the East Godavari region on the coast of Andhra Pradesh. With the onset of monsoon in the country, a vacation rolls into play where probably you would have booked resorts in Kerala or Tarakalli, where you would run into hordes of other tourists doing the same. Instead, we bring to you an oasis yet not discovered by the throes of tourists, here you can enjoy an offbeat, indie vacation. 

River rapids of Godavari

Wake up early in the morning and head to the banks of Godavari because that is where the action is during sunrise, farmers lay fish traps for fishing. There is something simplifying in watching the common man work for his livelihood before the rays of the sun touch the ground. The sunset on the river banks is modest yet unforgettable.

Sway to the beat of the paddy

The delta supports agriculture and you will see lush paddy fields swaying to the beat of the gentle breeze, the fish traps, towering bamboos, and the majestic coconut trees in the background of a field are a welcome change from the confines of your workplace. 

Eat like an Andhraite

When in Konaseema do it how Andhraites do! Food forms an integral part of a culture so when you find yourself aboard a houseboat in the middle of the monsoon, what is better than a piping hot prawn curry. If you are a vegetarian don’t be disheartened there are vegetarian options too but they won’t be as authentic. 

Temple without Religion

If you do believe in God well and good, if you don’t then too you must check out the ruins of Buddhist stupas and ancient temples that Konaseema is known for. The marvellous sculptures adorning the walls of these ruins make it a worthwhile walk down the history lane. 

Last but not least if you haven’t lived on a houseboat, have you visited Konaseema? Konaseema offers to you tranquillity peace and the chance to be one with nature. We’ve forgotten our roots and now that we’re willing to go back, why not a place that is raw and supports the people who care? 

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