Going to the Thor’s well

When you see this, you feel it is a bottomless sinking pit at the edge of the world, one way trip to the abyss. But that is not true; this pit sits at the Oregon coast and is not bottomless but very dangerous. 

The clockwork of mechanism

It is also known as the manhole of the Pacific, It is not a sinking pit instead it is a hole in the rock bed that looks to be draining the water of the largest ocean in the world and throws it out again. The well was assumedly a cave bunkered by the crashing waves, and the roof after thousands of years gave way and created an opening at not only the top but also the bottom and that is how the water seems to be draining out but also gets sprayed back up.  

The best time to see this natural wonder is right before high tide. The waves of the ocean start to fill the hole from the bottom till it reaches the top and eventually bubbles at the top or gusts up in the sky as a torrid spray of water. But be precautious, it is not the hole that is dangerous rather it is the ocean as always. People get injured due to sneaker waves, resulting in huge scraps and cuts. 

On a summer day, people flock to watch this wonder, and if it is a high tide the place is swarmed by photographers like bees trying to capture the feat. This hole perks the curiosity of the human mind, irking it till we see the wonder for ourselves, understanding the mechanism on a low tide afternoon. 

Why Thor? 

On the day of its magnificent fate, this well erupts with sprays of water like lightning erupts every time Thor pushes Mjolnir towards the sky, maybe that’s why it is called Thor’s well or maybe not. Reason enough or not but it certainly looks like something that can represent the lightning god. 

To see this incredible feat you can drive down in your car take a cab to Cook’s Chasm. If you wish to see it up close and are one of the adrenaline flies attracted to danger like a moth to the dark of light then you can take the trail connecting the viewpoints at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.  

Thor’s well calls out to our soul, there’s something about it that sucks us in like a black hole. It feels mystical even the simple mechanism of Ocean waves. We don’t know about you guys but we are definitely visiting Thor’s well and maybe we might see Loki hiding out somewhere nearby.  

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