Havana from a vintage car

Havana is a city overflowing with color and brimming with life. When it comes to Havana I feel short of words. Havana is a city that has lured artists for centuries with its freedom and liveliness. It is a place where there is no space for a rush, while the rest of the world catches up to the 21st century, Cuba is stuck in a loop. 

Exploring a timeless mixtape

Havana is like a mixtape, full of emotions and life but at the same time, if you put it in a shaker and shake you will get a new cocktail, it is full of people who feel too much and too fiercely and places where you remember all the times that have gone by.

What better way to explore Havana than driving through the dodgy lanes and down the Malecón in an American vintage car. The law doesn’t permit Cubans to rent out a vintage car but you can always rent one with a driver.

The tour

Now that you have rented out an American classic with a driver even the sky isn’t a limit to what awaits you. Onto our first stop after fawning over the various cars that drive next to yours, this is possible because of the car parts embargo.

Our first stop coming up is a city within this city, Fusterlandia. Fusterlandia is an extensive art kingdom created by José Fuster when he decided to turn around the state of his impoverished neighbourhood. Here imagination runs free, and so does creativity, a labyrinth of mosaic covered streets and walls of bungalows showcasing murals from daily life to homage to the greats of the art. Fusterlandia is a city full of happiness and when you are here you forget all the woes of life and turn into a kid.

Forward marching, slide into the rich covers of your ride back again and next stop is Castillo de la Real Fuerza. The original fort of the city was built to protect her from pirates. A typical renaissance architecture this fort is replete with canons and houses the Navigation Museum.

After a quick walk down history, next stop is La Bodeguita del Medio. A bar which will never see a fresh coat of paint, its walls adorned with signatures and names of all the visitors ever since it’s opening. This is Havana, here a little day drinking is a way to go, drink a mojito and scribble your name on the wall and hop back into the car, good thing you have a driver.

Endless Adventure

The adventure can never come to an end in Havana, I wish that you have the time of your lives here, but remember to look out for stories in between driving to your next stop. The streets in Havana speak for their people, with a new adventure awaiting at every corner.  

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