Must visit places for coffee lovers 

Coffee is one of the most treasured beverages in the world. Millions of cups of coffee are guzzled every day, all around the world. With the rise in consumption of coffee in the popular culture, a new era of coffee consumption has evolved as the coffee shop culture, giving the popular culture an ambience to relate to. 

Here are some of the best coffee shops from around the world for caffeine addicts to visit the next time in town.

Truth Coffee, South Africa

This coffee shop, in Cape Town, South Africa, serves coffee using traditional roasting methods. The coffee is said to be completely hand-roasted in an old iron wreck. The ambience of this coffee shop will give you a feeling of industrialization with the aroma of coffee filled in the air of this magnificent coffee shop. 

Fazil bey, Turkey 

One of Istanbul’s most famous coffee shops in Fazil Bey, Istanbul, Turkey. This shop has been active since the 1920s but the quality of the coffee has not degraded with time. The top-notch Brazilian are roasted and ground in this place. It is then cooked in the traditional cezve method and always served with a piece of Turkish Delight. A perfect place to visit for coffee breaks when in town. 

Barista Parlor, USA

This coffee shop was originally started in an old garage in the year 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Since then, this place since then has transformed into a modern, coffee shop with waiters in a bow tie. 

La Cafeotheque, France

France is filled with delightful bakeries and when one combines it to serve the best coffee in the country, it is like heaven on earth. In these beautiful coffee shops, the pioneer artisans roast coffee beans in front of you, completely capable of giving you a coffee orgasm. The perfect place to chill out with friends and have coffee breaks with. 

Sant’Eustachio II caffe, Italy

This coffee shop and bakery is the heart of Rome. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Rome with a cup of aromatic coffee and delicious bagel. 

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