Top 10 uniquely themed restaurants in India

1. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai/Kolkata

This specific diner is a prison-themed one, equipped up to feed you a whole prisoner- experience whereas serving a range of cuisines. If you desire to be locked up for the crime of being a foodaholic, then this is the right spot for you!

2. Nature’s Toilet Ahmedabad

Ever had a thing for eating while acknowledging nature’s call? If yes, then you might pick up the venue of this restaurant. This themed restaurant serves food by making you sit on toilet seats

3. Dialogue in the dark

This diner increases your hold of smell and taste as you feast in total twilight. Your servers who are outwardly impaired arrange you an astonishing four-course meal that you simply learn to appreciate without a glimpse.

4. The Real Poseidon, Ahmedabad

India’s first underwater restaurant and one of the elite themed restaurants. On this spot, you get to observe the marine creatures swim around whereas you eat.

5. Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum

The South Indian coastal capital is charmed with India’s most amazing floating restaurant. The duplex cruise boat plus hotel guarantees to blow your intellect with its fantastic architecture. Enjoy the picturesque excellence while you glut on the delights.

6. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

Within the urbs of India’s utmost prime stock trades, this bar fights right within. The price of the beverages depends on the demand

7. 1857, Hyderabad

This one is a colonial-themed restaurant that has imitated intensely deriving the technique of the British Raj. 

8. The Sheroes Café, Agra

The world comes to Agra to see the Magnificent Taj Mahal. Just a street away is the Sheroes Hangout Café. This one deserves round applause because the workers who work at Sheroes are all acid-attack survivors.

9. The Yoga House

You regularly got to keep an eye on your food choices whilst at any diner. Yoga house puts a conclusion to your hopelessness.

10. Seva Café, Ahmedabad

Seva café is one of the best-themed cafés in the country. It runs on a ‘peer-to-peer’ liberality and each guest pays for the meal of the next visitor. Travellers also sign up at Seva Café as Sevaks and make meals for the clients.

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