Restaurants in London which serve the loveliest Indian cocktails

India can offer a variety of flavours and fragrance through its wide range of spices that would elevate any London cocktail with an Indian tadka. London’s most sophisticated mixologists with numbered tests have perfected the art of capturing the very essence of this Indian tadka into its sensual and luxurious cocktails that would leave you pallet with recurring heavenly taste. These elegant Indian flavoured cocktails are served in voguish bars and restaurants of London, creating a certain sense of Aperitif for a delightful experience of food and cocktails. So raise a glass for the delightful taste of the Indian continent served in your tall glasses all ready to blow your mind with its finest taste and inebriation in the following cocktail bars. 

Simha Spritz at Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe falls under the London flagship of business tycoon Zorawar Kalra. He had a vision of a progressive modern Indian restaurant that took the shape of this cafe serving the food pallet of India in a sophisticated manner. 

This fine cocktail in the menu of the cafe is going to soothe your soul with its sparkling effect. It is said to be a cocktail carrying ayurvedic properties with some added alcoholic zing to it. The fizz is synthesized with cooling effects of Tulsi with an added flavour of bitter melon and bergamot. A very tropical take on the famous classic cocktail mimosa. 

Paan Collins at Bombay Bustle 

This restaurant is a themed one that most Indians can relate to when it comes to transportation, Railways. This restaurant is styled as a first-class coach of Indian Railways. This restaurant is an altogether experience of modern Indian railway, with its wood-panelled walls and metallic interior art. 

The most fun flavour of India is served in this cocktail bar with a pen-name of “Paan Collins”. This cocktail is instantly going to give you a boost of energy just like paan does to the people of the Indian subcontinent. It is a schmaltzy take on the famous Tom Collins that has replaced lemon juice and sugar with liqueur in the flavour of Paan. This is one of the most interesting London cocktails one can try that contains the absolute Indian tadka in it. 

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