Madurai, “Temple city of India”

Temple city of India, also known as the city that never sleeps, technically because of its nightlife, is supposedly said to be the second capital of Tamil Nadu. Getting its name as the temple city, it was built around the Meenakshi Amman temple. It is one of  India’s most magnificent Hindu pilgrim centres. It has temples built by the Pandyan and Madurai kings, having the style of Dravidian architecture. With the city’s role in spice trade abroad, it has achieved a cosmopolitan and culturally vastr lifestyle for itself. It is the home to many great and all time favourite poets and writers during the Sangam era. Madurai is also called the “Athens of the east” because of its architectural style.

Special things to do in Madurai:

Explore the Charms of the Meenakshi Temple

Built in the 17th century, this temple has been a main focus of the city ever since. It is said people can easily stay inside the temple for days, and so the temple is also known as the “living temple”.

Trying the ecstatic food from the Madurai Mess

It is the real deal, the talk of the town. It serves food like no other, with its authenticity locked intact. It is said to have won hearts from every corner of the world. It is no secret that the famous Madurai food is idli, and dosa as well, which comes with a special mix of chutney powder, making it even more difficult to resist.

Wander inside the Thirumalai Nayak Palace:

This palace is a pure artistic blend of the charismatic Dravidian and mystic Islamic style architecture. It is worth visiting while in Madurai because it’s something one doesn’t want to miss. Most of its artistic charm was destroyed during the various reigns, with each ruler and fleeting time. It has huge majestic pillars of 19 feet tall and 82 feet width, and also a lovely circular shaped garden.

Visit Vilachery, the pottery village

Famous for its small and creative pottery techniques, colorful dolls and idols of Gods and Goddesses like Lord Ganesha, and dolls for Navaratri. These are made out of clay, and are a work of finesse. If dug and asked around properly, this place can unfold many hidden legends and stories.

Go bananas in the Banana Market

A popular place to visit in Madurai, this banana market is a wholesale market selling bananas,selling around 16 kinds of it! That in itself makes it an iconic place to be visited. This is THE place to unleash the inner Minion in you.

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