Ayurvedic retreats in Sri Lanka

Building of Ayurvedic retreats are said to mould the life of people, bringing a balance in their life, a balance between the mind, heart, soul and body of a person. These are retreats of pure enigma, with the oldest holistic healing system. In sanskrit, ayurveda is known as the “science of life”. It is often called the “mother of all healing” as well, as it deals with the healing of all the chakras in our body, making it align in a harmonised manner. It has a therapeutic approach for a betterment of personality, behavior and lifestyle.

Apart from ayurvedic retreats, Sri Lanka does have one of the best lists of naturopathy centres. The cities with such naturopathy centres and ayurvedic retreats are Colombo, Vavuniya, Weligama, Ja-Ela, Ratnapura, Puttalam, etc.

Best Ayurvedic Retreats To Be Found in SriLanka

Rounding up next are some of the best Ayurvedic Retreats in Sri Lanka, blending in the country’s world-class hospitality and age-old ayurvedic excellence:

Santani Wellness resort and spa

Long-term wellbeing is achieved through wellness of one’s inner self, and living in harmony with oneself and the environment around us. Such a sanctuary is achieved here at Santani Wellness resort and spa. Programmes like detox of the body, cleansing, relaxation and yoga are well accommodated in the schedule to pamper oneself and enlighten the art of healthy living. This resort truly defines the meaning of “living in harmony”.

Hotel Tri

With the breath-taking view of the Koggala lake, Hotel Tri is a wellness resort that thinks it’s important to take well-being seriously. This resort is a beautiful example of sustainability, taking into account the way it’s made, and the love it shows for mother nature. The healing process here is thus quickened, giving the best results to the people who come here to attain enlightenment and peace.

Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Resort

It is an ideal beach resort, with a family heritage of about 200 years old.  This resort and its ayurvedic way is a 200 year old technique and secret, handed down with each generation. It has ayurvedic consultation, treatments and massages, with optional ayurveda menus for nutritional balance for a perfect balance within. The schedule comprises meditation, yoga and programmes related to health. The resort has traditional ancient motifs on walls, with medicinal wooden floors, walls with hand-hewn stones and terracotta roofs for a calm and peaceful environment to stay in.

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