Celebrating a perfect Diwali in India 

Diwali, a magnificent festival of lights, is one of the most sought-after and the most celebrated times of the year for Indians. It is a five-day festival celebrated in Autumn, each year by four different religions. In North India, this festival is celebrated as a welcome of Lord Ram after he defeats Ravana. People to express their happiness lit the whole town of Ayodhya is diyas which is why diyas are very significant during Diwali. It is referred to as the festival of lights because of this very reason. It has a symbolic representation of the triumph of good over evil, lightness over darkness. 

Diwali, being so festive, it receives hearty celebrations from every corner of the country. These are some of the best towns you can visit to experience the grandeur that Diwali can offer. So all the travel enthusiasts put these Diwali destinations next in your list. 


Diwali is Varanasi is a bliss that one should experience. The water of the ganges, the lighting of the lamp in its banks, loud cheers and chants of mantras. The aura during this festival is filled with spirituality. Ganges is a sight for the sore eyes with all the little diyas floating in the water. In Varanasi, after fifteen days of Diwali, Kartik Poornima is celebrated and is called Dev Deepavali. Till Dev Deepavali, the houses remain lit up with fairy lights and diyas. Dev Deepavali is called so because it is believed that it is the ‘Diwali of Gods’. 


The pink city turns into a city with lights beaming around from every nook of the place. It is a perfect place to go Diwali shopping and immerse yourself from the way the city glows from the Nahargarh Fort.


The Udaipur palace glows like a bride during Diwali. The beautiful cast of the glowing palace of the river is a once in a lifetime kind of experience that would make you revisit this place every Diwali. 


Celebrate a golden Diwali in Amritsar as the place celebrates its foundation day. The grand display of fireworks and the peace is just soothing at this time. 


With red border white saris, Hulhuli and Kali maa, Diwali is a grand festivity. Huge and magnificent idols of Kali maa are put up in pandals and melas filled with delicious foods and all kinds of items on sale. 


Diwali is known as the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. So, this is a must visit Diwali destination during this time of the year. The city literally becomes a diya city to celebrate this festival. In 2018, the city carved its name on the Guinness Book of World record for lighting 300,000 diyas on the banks of river Saryu. 

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