Most beautiful sights in Bhutan 

Bhutan is the prime example of pure serene beauty. All the Bhutan tourist places are filled with greenery and peace and quiet. It is because Bhutan believes in moral and self-development alongside nature than it does in capital development. The kingdom of Bhutan is the only Buddhist kingdom in the world. Situated in the eastern locks of the great Himalaya, the country is filled with vast wild forests, precipitous cliffs and astounding monasteries roosted up high in the mountains of the sacred Himalaya. Three-quarters of Bhutan’s land is covered by forests and the country absorbs four times more carbon dioxide than it emits, making it the only country in the world with which is carbon negative. The country has a unique manifesto of Gross National Happiness, that puts peace and love over everything else. Because of these sustainable approaches, Bhutan is said to be the last “Shangri-La” on earth.

Bhutan’s visa requirements ensure sustainable travel within the country and cover all meals, accommodations, internal transport and a licenced Bhutanese tour guide. So there is no reason to wait to fill your lungs with fresh natural air and your eyes with breathtaking sights. Visit these following Bhutan destinations on your next trip and experience the most peaceful trip one can have. 

Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest)

Paro Taktsang is the holiest place in Bhutan. This Bhutan temple is situated in a precarious cliff and this was established for meditation and is still used for that purpose. This place has thirty Bhutan temples and many shrines within. It is a picture-perfect place that is going to leave you awe-struck throughout your journey. It is speculated that the second Buddha, Guru Padma Sambhava came here to meditate for three long years and ever since then this place has become the holy shrine of Bhutan.


The capital city of Bhutan is filled with its prominent culture, architecture and heritage. Explore the distinguished Dzong architecture, various museums and handicrafts. Do not miss out on the beautiful 50-meter long bronze Sakyamuni Buddha statue. 


This place is a symbol of love and it can be seen with two of its beautiful river, Pho Chhu (male river) and Mo Chhu (female river), that flows together, with their own identity intact and never mixing with each other as one. It is a shrine for childless couples. It is believed that this Bhutan temple is a fertility temple and childless couples who visit this place and pay their respect will soon bear a child of their own.

Paro Valley 

This valley is simply picturesque. This is one of the most famous Bhutan tourist destinations filled with nature all around it. This valley is home to Rinpung Dzong which is both a castle and a monastery. From there you can witness the beautiful and soothing flow of the Paro river. 

Haa Valley 

Haa valley is just nature and nothing else but pure nature. This valley is filled with captivating Bhutan temples like  Lhakhang Karpo and Nagpo, famously known as the black and white temple and the 100-year-old Tagchu Goemba. 

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