A Visit to Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, the hometown of our favorite Celine Dion, is the capital of Quebec in Canada. The French-speaking town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site & one of the oldest European settlements in America. The City can be set apart because of its distinguishable French architecture, parks & the fortifications around the city. It provides a great opportunity for a road trip & has been documented by National Geographic.


Originally, the place was inhabited by the native Algonquian tribe. The name literally means “where the river becomes narrow” & it was named so by the natives owing to the Saint Lawrence River which narrows as it nears the city. In 1608, the first French explorer arrived & built a settlement here. In 1629, it was captured by the English but was soon returned to the French again. It had a very important role during the Seven Years’ War. Enough with the history now!

Things to Do

1.   Take a road trip around Quebec & visit multiple tourist spots in a day. Explore the surrounding regions of Ottawa & Montreal.

2.   Even if you don’t stay at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel you can go in for a meal. It is a luxury hotel with the most comfortable rooms, restaurants with heavenly food & bars serving the finest wines. The hotel with its magnificent architecture can be seen even from afar.

3.   Parc Aquarium de Quebec houses different mammals, reptiles, fish & fauna that are typical of North America & the Arctic regions.

4.   Citadelle of Quebec is the central fortress around which the city is built.

5.   The fortified town also has two museums – Musee National des beaux-arts du Québec, the museum of fine arts & Musse de La Civilisation, the museum of civilization.

When to Visit

Summers are warm & humid with temperatures around 72F & significant rainfall. The festive calendar is jam-packed with social events. Winters are cold, windy & snowy with temperatures often falling to 6F. This serves as a great excuse to grab a coffee at Tim Hortons, Canada’s most popular chain of cafes! Spring is the maple syrup season & autumn flaunts the golden beauty of Nature. Spring & autumn generally has fewer visitors. Quebec is one of the most expensive places in Canada so if you take a trip to Quebec City at this time you can enjoy the city without going heavy on your wallet.

However, it is better to plan your trip to Quebec City during the summer (June to September) or the winter (December to February) months as most of the major festivals take place at these times. The city hosts a Winter Carnival & a Summer Music Festival every year. If visiting the city at this time is out of your budget approach a travel agent to get cheaper deals for you. It might seem expensive but it is totally worth it!

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