Off roading on Fraser Island

Fraser Island Australia is a small island that lies along the South Eastern coast of the continent. The island was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1992. Fraser Island, along with other smaller islands forms the County of Fraser. The islands have dense rain forests, marshy mangrove forests, eucalyptus woodlands, coastal regions & even sand dunes. Hence, it is rich in diverse flora & fauna.

Thousands of people undertake the Fraser Island tour every year. The dingo is often spotted on Fraser Island Australia. The mere possibility of seeing the….with one’s’ own eyes is too tempting to give up on easily.

While the huge inflow of tourists is good for the economy, the actions of terrorists often harm the natural surroundings around the secluded islands.

There are many interesting activities for one to indulge in during a Fraser Island tour like fishing or angling, camping & hiking.

Fishing for the Tailor, a common angler species is common in some parts. Lots of other marine species are also found in the region. However, fishing activities are banned in the islands’ lakes & inland water bodies.

More to Add on In the Fraser Island 

There are many campsites in & around the islands with all necessary amenities. The campsites are easily accessible when you have a permit. Obtaining permits is also very easy. camping is one of the favorite activities of tourists & the local youth.

Off roading is a very well loved sport that involves driving cars, jeeps & other vehicles “off roads” on unmetalled terrains where tracks of gravel or stones are laid down. Off roading competitions are also hoeld. Sometimes the sport gets very intense & might even be dangerous to the people & the environment. This is an activity that only allows professional drivers with their own customized vehicles to take part. Nonetheless, it is a well loved sport in which many people participate while others love to watch the competitions on television or from a safe distance.

Fraser Island seems like it was made for off roading! In fact, off-roading is even taught on the island & in Australia as well. The roads are so “off” that even television advertisements are often shot here. Besides the roads, the island also provides a beautiful & relaxing backdrop for such activities.

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