Artful living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Aberdeenshire is a beautiful city in Scotland. It is on the rarely visited places on the east coast by tourists who visit Scotland. The coastline is gorgeous and extends from Stonehaven in the south to Cullen in the north. The mainland covers a total area of 6000 sq km and this makes the city the fourth largest region in Scotland. Aberdeenshire is a perfect getaway place if one is in Scotland. The best way to explore the city is on a road trip.

Beauty and Food in Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire’s coastline is untouched by tourism and hence it has preserved nature’s beauty in it. Out of many things that Aberdeenshire is known for, the most important features include the 165 miles of sea coast, 263 castles, including count Dracula’s, pretty villages, street art and cultural preservation, dolphins and food. For an artistic living, one must have the beauty of nature and the beauty of food, and Aberdeenshire is the city that offers it all.

Aberdeenshire is known for its most special delicacy, the Aberdeen Rowie. It is a buttery Scottish bread with a flaky texture and buttery taste. The Aberdeen Rowie is considered by many as the best bread in the world. Other food in Scotland include Cullen Sink, Stovies, Sheep’s Head Broth, Scotch Pie, Lorne Sausage, Bridie, Haggis, neeps and tatties, Dundee Marmalade, Rowan Jelly and Tablet among others.

The major industries that the city thrives on are fishing, agriculture, tourism, energy and whisky stilling. The city is historically significant for its strong ties with the North Sea. It houses notable fishing and shipping industries and also boasts of a culturally vibrant scene.

What is the best time to be in Aberdeenshire?

Aberdeenshire boasts of a pleasant climate almost throughout the year with regular rains. According to the NOAA, the best time to be in the city is from mid-June to mid-August. This is mainly the summer months. Tourism is also the busiest during September-October when it is Autumn in Scotland. This happens because the weather remains cool during this time of the year. People choose autumn in Scotland to visit the city because this time of the year offers the best hotels, and the best photography. Followed by this time, the crowds are gone and the ones who visit during this time generally prefer beauty in lesser people.

If someone is in Scotland, they should definitely visit Aberdeenshire and live a full day of enjoyable activities, relishing the nature in the city.

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