Explore South Australia

South Australia is located in the south of the country cum continent Australia. Most of it is covered by dry, barren lands but the southern part of the state consists of well-watered, fertile lands and populated regions. It has a big coastline, surrounded by the Great Australian Bight in the south and the southern Indian Ocean, also called the Southern Ocean in Australia. The mainland is bounded by Western Australia in the west, Northern Territory in the north, Queensland in the north and east, and New South Wales and Victoria in the east. The Murray river runs through the heartland of this state. The capital of the state of south-central Australia is called Adelaide. This has been located on the southern coast.

One cannot know about Australia without knowing these aspects of the country.

Population and Mainland

The South Australian population is currently 1.7 million, which covers almost 7.14% of the total Australian population. This includes, according to the national Australian senses, 49.3% male and 50.7% female.

The total area that the mainland covers is 983,482 square kilometres, which is as big as France and Germany combined.

Main Cities and Tourist Attractions

South Australia houses some of the most beautiful cities with cleanliness and greenery. Some of these cities are-

·         The capital city of Adelaide

·         Mount Gambier

·         Port Pirie

·         Oodnadatta

·         Murray Bridge

·         Port Lincoln

·         Victor Harbor

·         Whyalla

·         Gawler

There are also some world renowned places in South Australia like the:

·         Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third biggest island and is home to a wide species of an Abundant wildlife and plant life.

·         Barossa Valley and Clare Valley, which are the winery areas and produce the best wines of Australia.

·         Murraylands, that is the riverbed and fruit growing areas of the Murray River.

·         The Adelaide Hills are an attractive site with cultural history and natural wonders.

·         Eyre Peninsula is 2000 kilometres off the coastline and has treeless plains and deserts.

·         Yorke Peninsula is the perfect place for holidays, housing beaches, national parks etc.

Famous delicacies of South Australia

It is considered that South Australian food is one of the best in the world and tourists are left wanting for more. The vineyards produce the best wines like red wine, white wine and Coopers Pale Ale. Lamb delicacies are local specialities, seafood, pie floater, German- style delicacies are famous here. The Barossa valley also produces excellent cheese apart from wines. Chocolates from this region are also very popular. Fruits and vegetables are grown, especially citrus fruits that are exported to many places.


Australia is home to an Abundant wildlife.  They are preserved and housed with great care. Some popular sites include-

·         Kangaroos and koala bears on Kangaroo Island

·         Watching whales along the coast

·         Sea lions off the Hopkins Island that also swim with the people

·         Meeting leafy sea dragons underwater off the Fleurieu Peninsula

·         Yellow footed rock wallabies roaming in Flinders Ranges National Park

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