Explore the High Tatras of Slovakia

The High Tatras are a mountain range in the north of Slovakia, shared partly with Poland. The High Tatras are famous for majestic mountain peaks touching the blue sky, mountain lakes originated from glaciers, waterfalls, unique plants and animal life, fresh air and greenery. Some notable peaks of the mountain range are Gerlachovsky stit, Lomnicky Stit, Krivan. The three main parts of the High tatras are called the Western tatras, the central or High tatras, and the Belianske tatras. The inhabitants of the High tatras live in small settlements along a region called the “Road of Freedom”. This region joins the Western, High and the Belianske tatras together.

What are the High Tatras most famous for?

Among other beauties of nature that the High Tatras offer, the mountain range is known for its hiking. A lot of hikers visit the mountain range and go on short term as well as long term hikes. The High Tatras have some of the best short hiking trails of Slovakia-

·         The path from Hriebienok to Zamkovskeho Chata pri Téryho Chata

·         The path from Hriebienok to Slavkovska vyhliadka

·         The path from Strbske Pleso to Pleso Hincovo

·         Slovak Paradise National Park

The hikers wear good hiking clothes and shoes. Some paths are very easy to navigate while some are very tricky with rocky ridges and steep glacier-cut valleys.

The High Tatras are also known for skiing. They are a very popular skiing area and most of the Slovakian ski resorts are located here. Skiing or snowboarding in altitude above 1.500m and beyond forest lines are enjoyed here. The place also offers beautiful thermal waters where tourists can bathe after a hiking or skiing trip.

What is the best way and best time to visit High tatras?

The spring season in May or the following summers are a beautiful time to visit the High tatras. For hikers, there is availability of shorter hikes all year round. The longer hiking trails up to the mountains open shortly after the snow melting season, that is from July to October.

Visiting the High Tatras solo or in a group is always a beautiful experience. With the hugs of nature, flora and fauna spread around, and amicable locals that love travellers, High Tatras are an ideal tourist spot in Slovakia.  

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