Corn Village – Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a wonderful place to spend holidays. About 5 kilometres from the famous Kempty Falls in Mussoorie, is the village of Sainji, also known as the “Corn Village”. It is a village of Mussoorie located in the Tehri Garhwal district, just off the main road that leads to Yamunotri.

Why is the village called “Corn Village”?

Most travellers go to this village expecting to see fields after fields of corn. But to their surprise, the village is full of houses and families, besides the corn fields. Every house has decors made out of corn cobs. The main reason for these corn cobs hanging down from roofs, walls, windows and doors is to dry them, and use them as seed for corn farming next year. However, the manner in which these are dried is spectacular and very artistic. This is the reason why the locals as well as the tourists like to call the village of Sainji the “Corn Village”.

How to reach the village?

Mussoorie is in the state of Uttarakhand and can be reached by flight or train from any part of the country. On reaching the Kempty Falls in Mussoorie, one has to hire a cab or car to reach Sainji village. The best time to visit this village of Mussoorie is during the harvest season in September and October.

Living and families in the village

The village is made up of only 400 members and approximately 35 families in total. Every house has corn decors and looks golden. Every house has an open square where kids play, or adults sit on charpoys chatting. The villagers are very amicable and love visitors. They pay hospitality to every traveller, offer food and generosity. Their means of living are mostly handicrafts and farming. Apart from corn fields, the villagers also have wheat fields and rice fields. Many villagers also love to take tourists around the village and narrate the place’s cultural history.

Some points that cannot be missed at Sainji

This village of Mussoorie has a few very important points that no traveller can miss. These include mingling with the kind locals, walking through large corn fields with fresh, ripe corns, try out the delicious local food, explore the unique architecture and local handicrafts, walk beside the water canal that runs through the village, enjoy the weather and cleanliness of the village and feel closer to nature. If one comes to Mussoorie, one must not miss out the golden beauty of the “Corn Village”.

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