Green Tourism in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, a city in Denmark, has set a new international standard to start sustainable tourism, also called green tourism or ecotourism. Wonderful Tourism has been certified as the world’s first Green Tourism Organization.

What is Green Tourism?

To know more about sustainable Copenhagen, we need to first understand the meaning of sustainable or green tourism. This basically refers to environment friendly, low impact tourism, that focuses on cherishing and not destruction. In the age of unceasing global warming and pollution, green tourism is the only possible way to help improve places, and make them healthier and pollution free. Green tourism focuses on the needs of nature, the environment, the local people, trade and business, and the visitors. This is the only type of tourism that is actively engaged in reducing destructive social and environmental impacts of the tourism industry in different places of the world.

The major benefits of sustainable tourism are-

·         Cost effective means

·         Reduces waste and pollution

·         Conserves natural and environmental resources

·         Improvement in customer service

·         Brings more tourists who are environment conscious

·         Benefits the local community

·         Improves local trade and industry

·         Brings in financial income in sustainable ways

The certification of Copenhagen to be start world’s first sustainable tourism has made several organizations start in the city that look forward to developing and assessing around 140 criteria that include environmental management, environmental considerations, and utilizing environmental resources in the most sustainable ways.

Copenhagen has been ranked second on the ICCA’s Global Destination Sustainability Index. The new sustainable Copenhagen has developed strategies that can impact from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

Some suggested ways in which green tourism can be carried out in Copenhagen

1.  Eating organic food from local restaurants and hotels. In the city, this is not a luxury but a logical choice. 

2.  Sustainable activities to do in Copenhagen like guided bike tours, bicycle riding, boating etc.

3.  Accommodate eco-friendly transports and maintain eco-friendly behaviour

4.  The urban development and architectural sites of Copenhagen

5.  Interacting with locals who are environment conscious and getting aware.

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