Safe Travels, Even During A Pandemic!

It’s time we all learned to live with it. One way to move forward is to establish some travel precautions.

When Covid-19 first struck, restricting travel was the one of the quickest ways to quell the spread of the virus. Now that many countries are lifting those restrictions, at least for local road travel, we need to know how to travel safely, to ensure that we can have corona free road trips.

Here are some precautions to take for road travel during Covid-19:

Use a private vehicle

Do not opt for public transport unless it is unavoidable. If you’re hiring a private vehicle, make sure it is sanitized properly before use

Always carry hand sanitizer

While it is always preferable to wash your hands with soap, that may not be possible when you’re on the road. Use hand sanitizer as regularly as you need to.

Wear a mask

Always wear a mask. No exceptions. If the people you’re travelling with are not the people you live with, it is preferable to wear a mask in the car as well. It may be uncomfortable, but safety trumps comfort.

Carry spare masks and gloves

In case your current mask is rendered unusable, you should always have a spare. Also carry two pairs of disposable rubber gloves, especially if it is a long trip and you intend to make stops on the way.

No crowded vehicles

Leave one seat empty to ensure distance between you and your travelling companions for corona free road trips.

Food packed from home

Try to avoid stopping on the way as much as you can. One way to do that is to pack a meal from home to be eaten in the vehicle itself. This may be slightly uncomfortable, but it is much safer than going to a restaurant.

Safe hotels

If you must stop for meals or to stay the night, ensure that the hotel follows sanitation rules strictly, and that the staff also wear masks and gloves.

Avoid areas with high number of cases

Always check whether any areas on your way have been declared to have high infection rates and avoid those areas. Also, it is generally a good practice to avoid inner roads. Stick to highways and main roads.

Carry a first aid kit

Always keep a well stocked first aid kit with some coronavirus specific treatment items: thermometer, paracetamol, inhaler and rehydration powder.

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