Pushkar Camel Fair

The rose garden of India, Pushkar, holds every year one of the most awaited festivals in the world, the Pushkar Camel Fair also known as Pushkar camel festival or Pushkar Mela. Pushkar camel festival is one of the largest cattle fairs that is held all around the world. This Mela begins with the arrival of Karthik month (according to Hindu calendar) and ends on Karthik Poornima. It is a wholesome thing where you do not only buy and sell cattle but you can also engage yourself with various competitions, activities, handicrafts, etc. The initial intention of this fair was to increase the interaction and exchange of cattle like Camel and horses in between owners. But the gossip of this grand exhibition got so popular that it soon turned into a festival. The crowd surrounding the tiny dessert in which the fair is held is filled with not only local Indian people but many foreigners from far off countries visit this fair as well. Due to this reason, the tourism sector of Pushkar, Rajasthan has seen an ample amount of increase in tourism with hefty profits made out of this Mela. 

What to expect at Pushkar camel festival? 

The fair is filled with giant camels, dressed like grooms and brides, with vibrant Rajasthani colours hanging from their body. These camels are also raced against each other which is another highlight of this place. Apart from this, there is an amalgamation of different performances such as snake charmers doing snake dances, acrobats and dancers with their amazing traditional and modern styles, magicians spread across the land to perform magic tricks for entertainment. There are some amazing rides too that one can enjoy here which includes the hot air balloon ride to have a birds-eye-view of the fair. People visiting this Mela often go to take a dip in Pushkar Sarovar. It is believed that by doing so one can receive redemption from all its sin. There is a pilgrimage site nearby, which is the Brahma temple. People go there to pay their respect to the creator of the universe. The aura of this Mela is filled with happy vibrancy throughout with a mixture of people from all around the world, coiled up together to experience the grandeur of the fair. 

Camel Safari: 

Pushkar Camel safari is another awaited adventure many people look forward to being a part of in this Mela. One can sit on the back of the camel to experience the vast beauty of the Sahara desert with low dunes giving an authentic experience. 

Pushkar camping: 

For a once in a lifetime kind of experience there are accommodations in the fairground that one can find in the form of tents. Pushkar camping is another highlight as you get to live with the traders and experience the whole Rajasthani culture and life in a desert. The camping ranges from standard to luxurious one and costs accordingly. 

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